Large-scale computation without synchronisation

Large-scale on-line services including social networks and multiplayer games handle huge quantities of frequently changing shared data. Maintaining its consistency is relatively simple in a centralised cloud, but no longer possible due to increased scalability requirements. Instead, data must replicated across several distributed data centres, requiring new principled approaches to consistency that will be explored by the SyncFree project.

Marc Shapiro - Encapsulating replication, high concurrency and consistency with CRDTs - Curry On 2015


Marc Shapiro & Nuno Preguiça - CRDTs in Practice - Code Mesh 2015


SyncFree is a European research project taking place for 3 years, staring October 2013, and is funded by the European Union, grant agreement n°609551.

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 This project is funded by the European Union, 7th Research Framework Programme, ICT call 10, grant agreement n°609551. 

Contact (Project Coordinator)

MARC dot SHAPIRO atsign ACM dot ORG